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Punta Sal day tours in Tela in 2020


This one day trip bring you in one of the more beautiful national parks of the Caribbean coast, several of our guides grew in this fishermen Garifunas villages in in edge of this park and will be able to show you the secrets of this place.




29 US$*

 Place  : Tela Bay

Must : Fauna, flora, mangrove, beach, snokling and Garifunas comunity.




Departure : 8 a.m. from your hotel.
Return: around 3 p.m.



Activities in PUNTA SAL:

By the way we visit 2 native Garifuna village; Tornabe and San Juan.
You will discover different ecosystems of which the tropical humid forest that spreads itself to the sea, beaches, the mangroves, the rivers, lagoons, canals and reefs and his wildlife. PUNTA SAL at the last century was the place of fews pirates.Located in edge of TELA, this national park was renamed Jeannette KAWAS, renowned as an ecological militant which fought for the safeguarding of this park counters real investors and was assassinated.
At present the law protects this park from a surface of 500 km, with its different ecosystem of which the wet tropical forests which extends until the sea, the mangroves, the rivers, lagoons, channels and reefs.
PUNTA SAL sheltered many pirates until last century.

Tours in Punta Sal :
• Bird watching
• snorkling
• Rest and beach.

The genetic bank of this park is impressive with more than 200 species of trees and shrubs, 54 species of ants, 345 species of birds, 68 species of reptiles, 12 species of Amphibians and 49 species of mammals. Among these unquestionable species are in process of extensions including 6 species of turtles, 5 of fish, 5 of reptiles and 12 species of mammals of which the manatee, the tiger and the caiman.

Punta Sal day tours in Tela

Punta Sal day tours in Tela

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Tours possibles à la suite de cette excursion.

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