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Caribbean coast of Honduras, Tela days tour


The bay of TELA is one of the most popular destination of HONDURAS.

Surrounded by mountains and national parks, the beaches of the bay of TELA offers a splendid postcard landscape of the Caribbean Sea.
The bay is also characterized by its old banana activity and by the GARIFUNA ethnic group which bring most of the Hondurian culture.

It was in this bay that in 1524, the conquistador cristobal of OLID (sent by Christophe COLOMB), unloaded with the conquest of Honduras and baptized it TRIUNFO de la CRUZ.

TRIUNFO de la Cruz, is the largest GARIFUNA village of HONDURAS. The GARIFUNAS arrived in 1797 and have their own culture which constitutes the major cultural richness of the country, with their own dialect, gastronomy, voodoo rites, music and dances (punta and yancunu).

Its surroundings are first of all cultural and natural elements; of which the botanical garden of LANCETILLA, second most important tropical botanical garden of the world with incredible varieties of plants and tropical trees.
The reserve of wildlife of PUNTA IZOPO, along the river Rio platano, you will discover mangroves and channels surrounded by an exotic lush vegetation. The park being a natural wildlife, your excursion will be accompanied by the noises of the forest such as the parrots, toucans, monkeys, reptiles and exotic birds.
The national park of PUNTA SAL, only accessible by the sea, will leave you the memory of an unforgettable eco-tourist walk. Our guide will take you along in the unspoilt white sandy beach known as Puerto Escondido which was a reference mark of pirates. A walk will be essential in this exotic and exuberant park on the research of the fauna.

All these natural treasuries make TELA a bay where several tourism projects are taking place to create it the tourist pole of HONDURAS.

Visit TELA before it becomes a popular international tourist destination.

CEIBA is the 3rd biggest city of the country and most surely the most vibrating.

It name comes from the Ceiba tree, which has valuable wood and and can measure about fifty meters. A Ceiba tree struck down at the entry of the city has been made the mascot.

The city is bordered by the Caribbean Sea and its various national parks. In the current tourism development plan of the country, La Ceiba intends to become the center of ecotourism because there are natural wealth on the first priorities.

    PICO BONITO, is probably the most diverse national park in HONDURAS with the variety of landscapes and altitudes ranging from sea level to over 2000 meters. Various trails lead you through misty rainforest of the park where you can discover, in addition to its exuberant flora, a unique wildlife from jaguars to monkeys to an impressive variety of toucans, parrots, tropical birds and butterflies.
    CUERO y SALADO, is a wild life reserve equally impressive covering over 13 200 hectares. Visit the reserve by boat and walking through the trails. The area is under protection for manatee and American crocodile species. In the middle of the mangroves and canals, you might see monkeys, snakes and pelicans among others.
    CANGREJAL River, on the edge of La CEIBA, is one of the most exciting rapids in Central America for water rafting. This river is classified as Class 2, 3, 4 and 5.
    Have a good trip in la CEIBA.

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