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Responsible tourism in Honduras


Coco Tours' creation took place in a Honduran Garifuna village in 1995, since then, we embrace the principles fair tourism... 15% of our profits are reinvested in solidarity projects in Garifuna communities.

"Travelling is an excellent way to bond and understand people. It allows the personal growth of the traveler and the host. Their resources must serve the sustainable development of populations visited"
Miguel ( Manager of Coco Tours)

Responsible travel is a rising movement and an increasing trend that can change the way we travel forever. We hope you’ll join us in re-inventing tourism for the benefit of local people, tourists, the environment and the tourism industry at large. Please contact us to see our missions in 2013.

If you believe in responsible tourism and the partnership of local people in the holiday experience, then you have come to the right place.

Cooperation programs completed and ongoing
(Garifuna Villages):

Since 2000, various agreements were signed for humanitarian work with the Garifuna village chiefs of Triunfo de la Cruz, La Encenada, Miami and Tornabe. All these projects are supported by the village leaders, the Chamber of Tourism and Garifuna Development (CAMATUR).


    Our best project : Building Project of Green Homes made with plastic bottles for single parent families. 5 houses build.
    Expansion and renovation of Triunfo's health center.
    Manufacture and install 90 environmentally friendly garbage cans on the beaches and streets of Triunfo (project done in collaboration with Quebec schools).
    Manufacture and install 30 large green recycling bins.
    Paint the entire school Esteban Guardiola. (3 times)
    Construction of a kindergarten in El Tigre neighborhood.
    Help missions for kindergarten teachers of Triunfo, Miami, Tornabé, and La Encenada. (several occasions)
    Reforestation Project in Triunfo: coconut plantations on the beach, fruit trees and medicinal plants by the roads.


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Tourisme responsable

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