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Before you go   Honduras tourism information


In this section you will a find some information about your travel which will prepare you for a perfect stay in our country.

VISA: no preliminary visa is necessary to go to Honduras for the European Community and Canadians. On your arrival a touristic visa of 30 days will be delivered to you, with the possibility of prolonging it.
Vaccines: no vaccine is obligatory, however it is recommended to have that of tetanus, typhoid and possibly that of yellow fever.

Currency and Credit cards: The majority of the international credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD, Américan express train), are accepted.
The national currency is Lempiras (in homage has Lenca, head indigenous which carried out a revolt against the conquistadores), it is necessary to count roughly 18.88 lempiras for 1 dollarUS (December 11,2009). Only the USS is changed everywhere contrary to the other currencies.
Languages: Spanish is the official language, however on the bay islands (Roatan) English prevails. Several ethnique groups have their dialects of which are the GARIFUNAS.
Time shift: It is necessary to count 7 hours of shift with Europe and one with Montreal for example.

Climate: The climate in HONDURAS is stable and varies according to the zones or where you are. However the hurricane (October at December) and rain season (depending of the year October and sometime until February but it does not rain every day in this rain season). The Caribbean coast is hot with an average of 29°, however the mountain area containing COPAN is more cold with an average of 24°(staying in COPAN its better to envisage warmer clothing because the evenings are sometimes cold).
Hospitalization: the private clinics are recommended.

Insurance: it is recommended to have an insurance, which covers you during your stay and is obligatory for forwarding in the jungle.
VAT or TPS: the tax is 12% + 4% for the tourist sector. And is included in the services.
Tips: it is applied to 10%.

Electricity: 110 volts are used at the national level.
Water: it is of good quality in the large cities, however in the villages it is recommended to drink water out of bottle in order to avoid the "tourista". To also pay attention in the use of drinks with ice which are often made with the water of the tap (don't worry your guide will take care of it).
Road: the road network is famous to be the best of Central America for its speed and its safety between the principal cities.
Government: HONDURAS is a republic and its leader is democratically elected every 4 years. We have had an uninterrupted democratic mode since 18 years.

Weight and measurement: longitudes and distances are metric (meter, km). The weight is given mainly to the liquids and gasoline in gallon.
Gastronomy: kitchen is of the Creole type (fish and shellfish cooked with coconut), but you will also find continental dishes. The small restaurants are not controls by the ministry for health, it is often good to see the kitchen as a preliminary. Our guide will be with you to advise.

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