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Tours packages in La Moskitia Honduras


La Moskitia is access is mainly by air or sea. Its name comes from the land’s inhabitants, the Miskitos, who still keep many customs from their ancestors, including their tongue. Because of its rich vegetation, diversity of wildlife, the mostly unknown tropical rainforest, it’s a perfect for ecotourism, giving many choices for the adventurous traveler.



This is a Garden of Eden, perfect to help forget about the outside world, enjoying trips downriver on pipante (small tipical boat), interact with the native communities Pech and Miskitoes, explore protected areas, find some of the local fauna, birds, turtles, alligators, you will feel part of the divine creation. Bear in mind, the infrastructure is very basic, so some modern comforts will not be available.


We have tours packages in La Moskitia from 4 to 10 days.


Tours packages in La Moskitia Honduras


Covering 20,000 square miles in Honduras and Nicaragua, Mosquitia contains the largest rain forest in Central America.


Mosquitia lies on the frontier of Mesoamerica, adjacent to the realm of the Maya. While the Maya are among the most studied of ancient cultures in the Americas, the people of Mosquitia are among the most mysterious.



Tours packages in La Moskitia Honduras

This expedition in the jungle will take you in the region called Small Amazon. Two thirds is classified biosphère inheritance of the humanity by the UNESCO, are virgin.You gone apreciate...

    A incredible jungle (the third part is totaly virgin)
    the heat and the authenticity of the people PECH and MISKITOS
    the discovery of the rain forest
    A wildlife and a unique flore (jungle, crocodiles, tigers, toucans. ..)
    the originality of the itinerary.




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